Heart Shaped Memorials in Kirkby Lonsdale

Heart Shaped Memorials in Kirkby LonsdaleHeart shaped memorials in Kirkby Lonsdale can provide your loved ones with the most beautiful final resting place. At Kenneth A Fraser Ltd, we offer a stunning range of memorials in any shape or outline that reflects the love you shared. Apart from heart shapes, we provide a wide variety of designs that include everything from simple geometrical shapes to teddy-bears and any other shape from our catalog. The memorial stone design usually comprises of flower container holes bored through the base to hold an aluminum vase. If you’d like vases on both sides, this can also be done. If you’d prefer not have a flower container, let us know your requirements. We also provide various options regarding lettering and ornamentation to make the memorial unique and distinctive.

Using polished granite is an advantage because it shows up etched or grit-blasted designs very well. In Kirkby Lonsdale, heart shaped memorials can be embellished with roses or flower designs and also more complex work like photographic detailing. Badges, emblems, photo reproductions, sketches or illustrations, copies from magazines, and books are other options that you can add to your heart shaped memorial. If you’d like deeper relief carving, we suggest you use limestone, marble, York slate or stone as they don’t need such a high polish. However, granite is the most popular stone mainly because of its long-lasting, weather-resistant properties. You can choose from different finishes like rustic, natural, sanded, smooth or matte finishes. There may be local restrictions on size and type, so check with your cemetery before ordering.

Granite heart shaped memorials in Kirkby Lonsdale can be created in various colors. This stone is available in a huge range of shades, from conventional black and grey, to red, green and multi-colour effects. You can also choose from various patterns like speckled, or pearl. To find out more about our heart shaped memorials, contact Kenneth A Fraser Ltd. Small carvings and hand-painted motifs can provide that personal touch and as expert memorial masons, we specialise in memorial inscriptions. Use your imagination to create an individual, one-of-a-kind memorial that reflects the personality of your loved one and is an enduring tribute to your relationship with them.