Black Granite Memorials in Garstang

Black Granite Memorials in GarstangWe supply the most beautiful black granite memorials in Garstang in a wide range of shapes and sizes. We have a large choice of stones in both traditional and contemporary designs. Besides black granite we have marble, slate, limestone and York stone to choose from. Granite is one of the hardest stones and so is expected to last longer than other stones. It comes in a wide array of colours and much of the beauty comes from the flecks of colour in the stone. Some churchyards will only permit granite headstones as they prefer to retain the traditional aesthetic properties of the premises.

A headstone is a way of creating a lasting tribute perpetuating the memory of a loved one. In Garstang, black granite memorials make a statement of how loved the deceased family member was. Choosing the right stone is an important decision. The stone also needs to be large enough to hold all the words of the inscription without it looking cramped. Marble is a lovely stone but it is susceptible to pollution, acid rain and salt. This will erode the inscription on the headstone over time and make it illegible. Granite is a durable and very hard material and will hold inscriptions for 100 plus years. The paint may fade from the letters but the carved words will not.

Our black granite memorials in Garstang are of the finest quality. Contact Kenneth A Fraser Ltd as soon as you have need of our services. Our business was established in 1929 and for almost 90 years we have been supplying memorials to the people in our area. We can etch or carve a beautiful and elegant ornamentation onto the memorial along with the inscription. Some people choose to have a badge from a regiment or sports club insignia. This personalises the stone and makes it far more meaningful. It tells people more about the person and brings out some of their character. We can also etch reproductions of photos of the deceased into the memorial.