Monumental Masons in Kirkby Lonsdale

Monumental Masons in Kirkby LonsdaleIf you need the services of monumental masons in Kirkby Lonsdale, don’t hesitate to call Kenneth A Fraser Ltd. We are an independent mason company that uses the latest technology combined with traditional craftsmanship to deliver high quality monuments. We have been a member of the NAMM for over 30 years, maintaining high standards when it comes to workmanship and service. Each monument comes with a 6 year guarantee on both labour and materials. In terms of options, you have a wide variety of materials, shapes, ornamentation and sizes to choose from, benefiting from a bespoke service.

When looking to buy a memorial in Kirkby Lonsdale, monumental masons from Kenneth A Fraser Ltd will advise you on how to take into account your churchyard or cemetery’s restrictions. Different cemeteries and churchyards have different rules when it comes to the dimensions, finishes and materials that are allowed. We are familiar with most local rules and regulations and as such, we will be able to explain the rules that apply to your particular location. Working with us is easy. Once all of the work is done and the memorial is installed in the cemetery, you will receive an invoice detailing the price.

As monumental masons in Kirkby Lonsdale, we focus on providing a varied offer. One of the most popular options in terms of materials is granite, due to its durability. Granite can come in several finishes including rustic, sanded, part polished or all polished. All polished memorials are known for their resistance to weathering, and they can sometimes maintain their appearance for up to 50 years. In terms of colour, the options are nearly endless, with everything from white to red and multicolour shades being available. The colours themselves can have different shading, as you see for example with dark grey, Glenaby, which is medium grey and Karin which is light grey. If you want to find out more about the options at your disposal contact Kenneth A Fraser Ltd today. You will be surprised at the amount variety that’s on sale.