Heart Shaped Memorials in Lancaster

Heart Shaped Memorials in LancasterWhen a traditional monument seems like a wrong choice we at Kenneth A Fraser Ltd have options, such as heart shaped memorials in Lancaster you may feel are more appropriate. We can customise and personalise a memorial for your family member in a variety of shapes. The use of a heart-shaped memorial is often chosen as a memorial for a young person or infant. The heart shape can be the monument or be incorporated as a part of the monument.  Such memorials are smaller and capture the essence of a life cut short while still innocent. The heart shape is often incorporated into a larger memorial to represent the life of a young mother. We usually choose beautiful granite because it is available in many colours and hues. You can personalise it further by choosing a rough or sanded finish. Polishing the stone, either in total or part is another option.

Memorial stones last longer when polished because the polish protects the stone from the elements. In Lancaster, heart-shaped memorials will last fifty years after which refurbishment may be necessary to maintain the original condition. The stone itself will last indefinitely and the inscription of your choice will last longer if the stone is cleaned. There are guidelines that must be followed for each cemetery and we are familiar with them. Your choice of headstone must fit within their guidelines. Part of our service at Kenneth A Fraser Ltd is securely setting the completed stone at the gravesite under all government and local regulations.

Heart shaped memorials in Lancaster are carved to last through many years of exposure to the elements. Kenneth A. Fraser Ltd is a family owned business and we serve your family during emotionally trying times as we would want ours served. The heart shaped memorial you choose is chosen as a symbol of love. Nothing less than perfect will suffice so we bring our years of skill and experience to the task along with quality materials to achieve a perfect result. Contact Kenneth A. Fraser Ltd when you have need of a memorial. You may visit us at our business location but if needed, we will come your home for an initial consultation.