Heart Shaped Memorials in Heysham

Heart Shaped Memorials in HeyshamIf shapes are an expression of feelings then heart shaped memorials in Heysham convey everything you feel for your deceased loved one. It is always a sad time when choosing a memorial but there should also be a large measure of love and admiration. Your relative lived, loved and was beloved by many and the memorial should reflect this. It is sometimes difficult to find the words to express all these feelings and our staff are on hand to help you create a fitting inscription. The words are etched or carved into the face of the stone and then filled with colour. The colour is usually chosen to contrast with the stone so that it is easily legible.

Everyone is mortal and will, therefore, someday die. In Heysham, heart shaped memorials can be part of a larger memorial stone. We can create a truly memorable stone that will last for many years. We use top quality natural stone to sculpt our memorial stones. There are a wide variety of colours and textures available. Granite is very popular as there are many ways of finishing the stone. A rustic finish leaves it with natural rough edges, sanded stones are smooth and matt while part polished will have some sections of the memorial stone shined to a glossy finish and the rest of the stone sanded smooth. The fully polished memorial stone is polished to a high gloss.

We supply heart shaped memorials in Heysham. Contact Kenneth A. Fraser Ltd today or visit our showroom to see the beautiful memorials we create. We are members of the National Association of Memorial Masons which ensures that our work is guaranteed. As members we are obliged to follow strict rules and very high standards. This is to protect customers from shoddy workmanship or fly by night operators. Make sure you choose a memorial from a member of the NAMM.  Our business was established in 1929 and over the past nine decades we have polished our expertise and can design and create any shape of headstone required.