Black Granite Memorials in Morecambe

Black granite memorials in GarstangChoose black granite memorials in Morecambe for a long-lasting and stately memorial for your lost loved one’s grave. While granite is the most popular of all the stones on offer, black granite can be regarded as a sophisticated choice. Granite is durable, and polished granite is weather resistant and can be expected to maintain its original appearance for many years after being fixed in the cemetery. Our high quality black granite headstones are chosen for their polished sheen which reflects the natural surroundings of the cemetery or graveyard.

When looking for a high quality headstone in Morecambe, black granite memorials are an excellent choice. As granite is one of the most durable stones, it is an excellent material for memorial headstones. Unlike slate, it won’t shatter, and it won’t stain as marble can. It’s a far stronger material than sandstone, which tends to deteriorate over time. Granite provides a very effective material for carving, etching and engraving, making it perfect for headstones .Even sandblasting and laser etching can be successfully carried out on granite, and are common practices for memorial pieces. In this way, you can create beautiful, personalised inscriptions on your loved one’s stone that will hold long-lasting aesthetic appeal.

Speak to us about black granite memorials in Morecambe. Our expert stonemasons can make memorials in any shape or outline. As experienced memorial masons, we are also experts in memorial inscriptions. For more information about our black granite memorials, contact Kenneth A Fraser Ltd.  For over 25 years, we have been a member of the National Association of Memorial Masons. All members of NAMM are required to meet agreed standards of workmanship and business practice. This means that you can rely on our quality workmanship and professional customer service. We can also assist you with queries regarding your local cemetery fees, churchyard fees and the memorial consent forms.