Black Granite Memorials in Lancaster

Black Granite Memorials in LancasterAt Kenneth A Fraser, monumental masons, we want to shine a spotlight on black granite memorials in Lancaster. We do have granite in other colours and in fact we offer memorials in other stones including marble, limestone, slate and York stone. Some are polished, others are sanded or rustic and each is the ideal choice for someone. Granite is the more popular stone chosen for a memorial because it is the most durable and long lasting. Polished granite will maintain its new look for over fifty years because the polish protects the finish, lettering and engraving from the elements. Since the stone lasts forever, it can almost always be refurbished to like new condition.

Cemeteries have rules regarding the acceptable size and shape for headstones and we are familiar with the differing guidelines. In Lancaster, black granite memorials are elegant in any size or shape. A black polished stone is so rich looking it makes a perfect backdrop for lettering and engraving. The lettering on black granite is beautiful in gold leaf but it can also be hand engraved for a solid simple look. With the technology we have available to us, we can engrave anything you choose, even a colour photo. This is an emotional task and it’s difficult to choose an inscription but we will assist you in choosing a fitting tribute.  Our stone masons work only in memorials. We are an independent family owned business well known and respected in the area since 1929.

The simple elegance of black granite memorials in Lancaster is often an excellent choice. Most individuals have no experience choosing a memorial so we invite you to depend on our years of experience to help design a memorial for your loved one. Contact Kenneth A Fraser for more information about our black granite memorials. We have been members of the National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM) for 30 years and we honour industry standards. Our materials and workmanship are guaranteed.  We also guarantee your satisfaction. The memorial stone you choose is completed and secured at the gravesite. We do not invoice you until you have seen the set stone and approved our work.